Kandanat G Nandakumar is our Meditation Teacher at Dhyanavidya Web School.  

Nandakumar, “Nanda” for short, was born in a family where  “Yoga” was a daily routine. His father was late Yogacharya Govindan Nair , who was  a journalist, author and an established Yoga Acharya of his times. His  mother too was a devout Yoga Practitioner. Nanda  grew up imbibing the ancient values of Ashtanga Yoga which was always a subject of  inspiring passion for him throughout.

He  was initiated into the daily practice of  Meditation in 1997 by an  Arab gentleman when he  was working  in the middle east, validating the ancient understanding that Meditation is beyond religion or race or national boundaries.  This initiation coupled with his Asana-Pranayama background gave him the impetus  for passionate  meditation practices.

Nanda is  a disciple of Yogananda Paramahansa (Author of all time spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi” ) and he is  on the path and tradition of Kriya Yoga.  Here is the link to “Autobiography of a Yogi” – an all time spiritual classic, translated into 45 languages worldwide. 

Nanda is a Science Graduate, with Masters degree in Metaphysics, with Consciousness Studies as his  subject of specialization. He us a Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher from  The Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation, 14618 Tyler Foote Rd, Nevada City, California 95959, based on the tradition  of Yogananda Pramahansa.

Nanda has worked  in various roles and responsibilities as Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Regional Manager and Managing Director in a career that spanned 42 years. He  has worked both in India as well as outside India, where most of his career period was spent.

Currently he lives with his wife in Tripunithura   – an ancient  suburban town near Kochi, South India – practicing meditation and assisting other aspirants who want  to learn to meditate.