These videos are from a YouTube Channel by the same name,  “Another Way to Live” The videos posted here are on non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian topics, that helps in self-development thought expansion of consciousness. For now, these videos are in Malayalam; however, an English language summary of these Malayalam talks can be read underneath them right away.

Currently published on this channel are the talks on Tantra and its 36 elements. This talk series was originally started in response to a request from some of the Malayalam speaking audiences; they specifically wanted to understand the core subjects like “consciousness”, and “energy” and how it entangles human life and human evolution. This was not possible without introducing Tantra and its 36 principles. That is how this series started in Malayalam.

Most viewers may think that these talks are on some religious stuff like called “Tantra”.  People often mistake Tantra as a religious topic, which it is not. Tantra and all of it evolute are essentially about a way of life, that considers of our both outer and inner aspects of life. Tantra reweaves the fabric of life through a way of life and restores  the original harmonic balanced state back to us.

Tantric knowledge comes from the prehistory times – a very long time before any religion was first formed on planet earth. Tantra dates to some 6000 years in the least.  Judaic, Zoroastrian and Buddhist religions are around 2600 years old. Christianity is 2000 years old; Islam is 1400 years old. Sikhism is just 500 years old. There was no religion before 2600 years. What was there then was a way of life!  Tantra is from that period. Tantra talks about Consciousness, and Energy, and how both together created us, and we reached our present state.  The core subject of Tantra is about attaining freedom to a higher level of existence by expanding our consciousness.   

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