This website is largely designed for self-studies at your own pace.  If additional assistance from a teacher is required, you are most welcome to write to us. This web school is still work-in-progress as of now, hence frequent revisits to this site can give you additional materials either for reading or by way of videos on rare topics. However, there are enough materials already available here to start your meditation practices. The recommended study-plan to follow is first to read the Foundation Section in Part 1  and then start practising the meditations straight away by watching the videos available in Part 2. 

Additional videos will be constantly added to the website on 36 Tatwas of Tantra, 7 Hermetic Principles, Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Basics of Conscious Living on our everyday lives, all of which will give the student an overall understanding of Life in its totality. All Videos will be in English, excepting on the 36 Tatwas of Tantra, which will also be available in Malayalam.  This is because Kerala is one of these rare places where Tantra is still practised in its original pristine format. However, these practices are mostly limited to the outer ritualistic segment of Tantra and less on the inner psycho-spiritual segment of Tantra today. Therefore, it is hoped that the Tantra Talks in Malayalam will help many in Kerala to recognize the greater and deeper aspects of Tantra.