This is a step-by-step training video for Meditation beginners. Meditation is both a process and a destination at the same time. There is a ‘doing’ stage, in the beginning, culminating in a ‘being’ stage. Our body shall be erect and without any muscular tension. Our mind should also be free of any tension and free from thoughts. We need to raise our life-force-energy from the region of our tailbone though the inside of the vertebral column up to the frontal region of our brain in the forehead. This will be possible only if we sit straight and our body-mind field is free of any tension and constriction. Tensing and Relaxing exercises are done to relieve the muscular tension and two breathing exercises are done to relieve the mental tension since our mind is intrinsically connected with our breath. Hong Sau Technique explained in the video stills our mind and purges it off all thoughts. Then we stay in that state, which is essentially called “Meditation”.