Meditation is considered here in the context of its highest purpose – Self Realisation. It is,  therefore, important to understand what is self realisation and why is it important for us. A discussion of this nature would naturally require a much larger canvas and a  much comprehensive introduction, especially for the beginners.  Information shared here are only  baby steps  considering the vastness of the topic. Additional readings are, no doubt, helpful. A general list of books recommended for further reading is  available here. The objective of this Section  is to familiarise the practitioner with the necessary basic concepts to start meditation  and to inspire them  for continued explorations and self-studies.  

  1. The True Purpose of Meditation
  2. Knowing the Ultimate Reality
  3. The “X” Factor and Energy Physiology of Human Body
  4. Meditation Though Hong Sau Technique  (Video)
  5. Initial Tips Before Starting Meditation (Video)
  6. Meditation – Initial Practice (Video)
  7. Closing Meditations (Video) 
  8. Avoiding Mechanical Meditations (Video)